Visa for students

A foreigner may be granted a residence permit for the purpose of studying at a state or state-recognised university or a comparable educational establishment. Residence for study purposes shall also extend to language courses in preparation for studies and attendance of a preparatory course prior to studying.
The period of validity when the residence permit for study purposes is issued for the first time and for each subsequent extension shall be at least one year and should not exceed two years during courses of study and preparatory measures for courses of study; it may be extended where the purpose of residence has not yet been achieved and is achievable within a reasonable period of time.

A foreigner may also be issued a residence permit for the purpose of applying to a course of study. The maximum permissible duration of residence for a foreigner applying for a place to study shall be nine months.

In order to obtain a Visa for studies the foreigner must have enough monetary means (either a so called blocked account with around 8.500 € or a third party must  assume the obligation of paying for the costs of the foreigner), health insurance, an admission to a University or german course.

If you applied for a Visa but it was rejected we can file an appeal for you. This is possible on the embassy or one can file a lawsuit on the court in Berlin. Since for the appeal there is usually a deadline of one moth, please contact us promptly if you plan to appeal.