Immigration law

I support your effort to obtain a Visa to travel to Germany for familiy reunification, bussiness, visit or work.
I am able to communicate with you in english, german and spanish.
I offer our services to the following clients:

  • Family members of foreigners which need to support their family members to get a visa or the residence;
  • Corporations planning to hire foreigners
  • Employees in need of the work permit
  • Asylum seekers and their family
  • Students trying to get a visa to beginn their studies or get the residence permit renewed.
  • Business owners and investors willing to travel to germany on businnes or trying to start a new company

We prepare all relevant documents with you, contact the embassy or immigration office on your behalf. We accompany you to the interviews.
My law firm can also represent you before the Court in Berlin if your Visa application was rejected by an Embassy. Lawsuits against those decisions are only possible in Berlin. 
I will analyse your personal situation, your objectives and decide on a course of action towards obtaining in the shortest amount of time your Visa. You will consulted and informed regarding every step I take.